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 Clean White Elegant Design

See how the blue words pop out off the page? Portfolios and Ecommerce Items do the same when utilizing a White Space Design in your website design.

When it comes to web design, white is always a symbol of elegance, minimalism and style. You can use white to create space, to keep it simple, to drive the attention to other elements at your page and also to maintain your site with a clean and minimal look. Several websites use white as their main color, and this is what we will show here. You probably have seen some of these sites before, but they are such a great example that I had to mention them again. And in case you want to share a “clean white website”, the comments are open!

Here you will find a clean, streamlined web site built in the wordpress platform. Where your images are the Star of the show.


This site was built upon the premise that many folks like to utilize their own images and color for their own brand identity. Many businesses are showcasing their websites with portfolios and would care to have the design built so that the color does not take away from the work they have spent their life upon.

Selling them online where they can be viewable with out their website distracting from their own work is the latest in website design work.  We then build the site around their portfolios making the client the star of show instead of the frame work of the site.

We here at FireFlyzDesign believe in company showcasing with in their site.  You may have just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building a site that is very outstanding. Has a lot of flashy side bars, headers and multitudes of neat functions, but if the site does not make you the star and instead show cases the web designers ability to color your “white space” whos the winner in that?